Hey there!

Nice to meet you!

My name is Elena, but everybody calls me Leni.

I am 20-something inclining to get to my 30 soon, but don't tell anyone. Yeap! Hello big 3-0! 

Happy and open-minded in my own opinion and this is my new on-line home. Previously I was residing and writing in purple... which I started back in 2009 as a way to track my very easily distracted personality, a sort of happy on-line diary to remind me that life is simply good. There I used to blog about everything that makes me what I am and I intend to continue doing this here as well. 

I love art, architecture, languages, new places, less people,my loving family, my charming man, my trusty friends, tea, brown sugar, stationery, card making, simple crafts, dogs, snow, Scandinavian design, simple life, books, 5-minute meals, 6-hour meals,  rainy weather, funky nail polish, redheads, stuffed animals, washi tape, metal tins, leatherworking, purple things, sweet onion, baked goods, nice food, minimalistic living, bags, mountains, water, going in the Fall, freshly cut grass and much more. Just everything that makes me happy and balanced.

I am an architect with a diploma project in Public buildings (it was a funeral home that I painted red) and in the moment I don't practice giving myself the time to rearrange my priorities and gain some experience in the Management/Marketing/Sales Field. Additionally, I am a freelance illustrator. You can see some of my latest creations in the PROJECTS section. Shoot me an e-mail for a detailed price quote. 

So why this new blog/site/whatever?! One sunny September day I was searching for funny free domain names (don't ask me why) and I discovered that my own personal alias was free. That was the fastest purchase in my whole life. Just over 1 minute.  

This was how leni's lines was born. And it stayed like a blank index page for three months before deciding what to do and from where to start. Starting is never easy, especially in the over-crowded blogosphere, but I am sure that this project of mine will turn out great. 

And what about the photos? I shoot only for fun, mostly friends and family. All photos on this site are mine. If otherwise, the author will be provided with a back link when possible. 

If you want to use a photo for some non-commercial project, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Thank you for paying this place a visit and happy reading!